How do you fit the true essence of BEING into this tiny, little space???

Let’s just say I’m a multipassionate, creative, entrepreneur. I LOVE creating beautiful images for amazing people. I love seeing beauty in everything and every day and documenting that with my lens. I love making my home beautiful, inside and out. I love creating with my hands. I love digging in the dirt and growing life. I love being a nurturing mother to my two children, Grant & Valerie. I cherish my travel loving partner in life, David. I love my pets, Rosie the cat and Desi the dog. I love writing with a paper and a pencil from the depths of my soul. I love listening to music and dancing and living life. I love deep conversations about energy and spirituality. I love to travel to new places and delight in the sun, the sea, and the moon. I am a Reiki Master and energy intuitive. I practice Kundalini Yoga every single day. I love astrology and honor the cosmos. I embrace my inner Goddess. I love our Mother Earth and the Creative Life Force that I call LOVE itself. I love the transfer of energy between souls and feel the connection between all of creation.
Will you be my muse?

F a c e b o o k   M e