It’s been a long winter, but Spring is finally here!  I took my kids out last night and captured some of the lovely Spring Ohio evening and their adorable faces.  It felt so good to be outside!  Grant had to leave for boy scouts, so Val and I explored and had some fun with all the glorious flowering trees!  SPRING IS HERE!

OARS Tunnel Project | Columbus Ohio Commercial Photographer

Wow, this was a fun project!  I was hired by the engineering & construction firm, Kenny/Obayashi JV ,  to photograph a portion of the new OARS Tunnel in Columbus before it started operation in 2017.  This tunnel is the largest capital improvement project that the City of Columbus has undertaken and it was incredible!  This tunnel is 170 feet underground, 20 feet in diameter, and 4 miles long.  Here is a link for more info if you are interested: https://www.columbus.gov/utilities/projects/OARS-Deep-Sewer-Tunnel/


I’m on the side, getting up the nerve to get in the cage!

Those little specks in the bottom circle are people!

It was a cool 55 in the tunnel.

Britt Lakin Seniors 2019 Model Tribe Application!

Hiya! I’m so glad you are interested in all the fun of being a part of the Britt Lakin Seniors 2019 Model Tribe! As a part of the Model Tribe, you will be the face of Britt Lakin Seniors throughout your Senior Year! Fun get-togethers, styled shoots, swag, incentives, and being a part of an inspiring team of young women is all a part of the Britt Lakin Seniors Model Tribe Experience! Fill out the application below to start the process! This application is for 2019 Graduates! If you are a 2020 graduate, please email me to be on the list for next year’s application announcement!

Click on Image for the application!

Hanna | Hilliard Bradley High School Class of 2018

When Hanna reached out to me about her Senior Photos, I could tell she was super excited about them and I was so excited to bring her vision to reality!
This young woman is pretty amazing.  Brians, beauty, and a heart of gold!   I wish you all the best in your bright future, Hanna!

“Turn your face towards the sun
Let the shadows fall behind you
Don’t look back, just carry on
And the shadows will never find you”


We tried something fun here…the series is called T R A N S M U T E…

Feels Like Family | Britt Lakin Photography Dublin Ohio Family Photographer

I know it’s late.  I know I should be editing.  But I’m so busy, creating all this gorgeous stuff for some amazing people, and I want to share it!  I want to tell about these incredible people I get to meet!  I love this family so much.  I spend so much time with them, heck, I feel like a part of the family when I’m with them.  These are the kind of people that are hidden gems in our world.  They shine their hearts and they shine their love to others.  They want nothing, but to give.  Love them!  Seriously, I love my job so much.  I love getting to meet such beautiful souls in this world.  And I mean, how stinking adorable is this family!  Tiffany has such an eye for fashion & photography.  Someday, we shall be such good friends when life isn’t so busy.  We have SOOO much in common it’s kind of strange.  Anytime we are together we just want to talk, and talk, and talk.  About design, and gardening, and plants, and photography, and crafts for the kids, and ANYTHING because we have such similar interests!  We keep saying we’re going to have a day date to Oakland and shop for a couple hours.  Life gets so busy though.  It’s rush, rush, rush…from here to there.  And sometimes we don’t really get to stop, disconnect from “robot mom life”, and “plug in “ to what is happening RIGHT HERE.  RIGHT NOW.  And that’s what I want my images to do.  When you look at them, they take you back to that feeling.  Motherhood is SOOOO beautiful, and messy, and wonderful, and aggravating, and nourishing, all at once. BREATHE IT IN!

Love you, R Family!  And Tiffany, Oakland IS happening!

F a c e b o o k   M e